Horsetails  are tail extensions for horses whose own tails are lacking in length or fullness for one reason or another. Once attached to a horse they become a natural looking part of the original tail. Tail extensions are used in a variety of equestrian disciplines to maximize appearance.
Where do Trophy Tails come from?
Trophy Tails are made from 100% natural un-dyed horsehair taken from LIVE horses. Only live horses that are well cared for have the glossy healthy hair that we feel will blend with your horse’s beautiful healthy tail.
Tail Tamer Trophy Tail extensions are available in thirteen colors to match up with almost any horse’s existing tail. When you choose a color, match the hair coming off the end of the tailbone. The top hair will lay over the tail extension and blend into the extension. Much of the time the tail coming off the tailbone is a shade darker than the top hairs. If you are uncertain, send 12-15 hairs from the end of the tailbone and send them to us or take to our store and we will be happy to try and match tails for you.
Which Trophy Tail is right for me?
Our Trophy Tails are available in a wide variety of configurations suiting the needs of almost any horse.
Horse before and after putting a Horsetail in .

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