White : is as white as hair occurs natturally ,to go any whiter would require dye you can whiten this tail by using blue shampoo .Many palominos use this color. Dua the difficulty to obtain white hair from live horses white is the most expensive color .

Palomino: is a white and golden hair mix ,works wellwith a lot of paint horses .

MD Grey: combines grey with 50% white hair .

Light grey: combines grey hair with 75% white hair

Dark grey :Combines grey hair with 35% white hair

Ultra: is 50% White 50 % Sorrel

Flaxen sorrel :has some white hairs shot trough the tail ,works good for a light sorrel .

Black and sorrel :is a mix of black and sorrel hair

Dark sorrel

Medium sorrel :is slightly darker than light sorrel with more of a reddish tint .

Light sorrel

mixed :

is a mixture of dark sorrel ,grey , and medium sorrel .many horses use this color.

black :

The number one selling color



Tail Colors

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