step1 .


Use a claw clip to hold the top hair up out of your way. Separate the tail and reach back and take a section of hair from the center of the back of the tailbone (we have found that making a braid from here works the best). Braid this piece of hair down about 6-8 inches and put a slickband in the bottom to secure it. The braid should be about as thick as a pencil.

Step 2


Use a latch hook and go up through the hole in the center of the tail extension.     

Step 3.

Grab the braid you have created with the latch hook and ease it down through the hole in the center of the tail extension.

Step 4.

Tie a knot in the braid you have created so the tail extension literally sits on the braid. Make the knot so the tail extension is a close as possible to the end of the tailbone for a most natural look. The closer the extension is to the bone, the more natural your tail will look. If the extension is too far away, it will swing one way while the real tail is swinging another way!


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