MOBILE WARMING® technology was designed for activities in cold conditions for motorcyclists, snow-sports, cool weather golfers and hunting enthusiasts to provide a comprehensive heating solution. Our products utilize emerging far-infrared heat (FIR) and ultra-fine metal fiber heating technologies which through a portable power-supply provides active heat. Unique from the many other products currently available on the market our insulating heat transfer panels reflects and keeps heat directed to the body.

MOBILE WARMING® was designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind; the range of applications is wide-spread including skiing, hunting, hiking, fishing, motorcycling and just everyday use. Mobile Warming’s break through technology gives unprecedented heating and warmth for an entire day at the touch of a button exceeding the heat transmitted by any other form of insulation available in outerwear today.

Wind-shark features a lightweight membrane that is bonded to the shell fabric providing breathable, waterproof, and wind-resistant properties to the face fabric.. In addition, it allows the fabrics to stretch providing added comfort when needed most.

The 7.4V battery powered products allow you the freedom to stay warm almost anywhere. Small and lightweight, the thermo-regulating 7.4V 4.0AH LITHIUM-ION BATTERY packs are rechargeable .

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Mobile Warming Mens Jacket