The most revolutionary arena drag for the best price.


Western future signed exclusive dealership for the new revolutionary LL arena Drag.

This top quality Italian made drag has lots of extra's.

*Harded steel pins

*Large sprincklers in the front 

*Heavy load rear sprinckler

*Hydrolic lift

*Sillicone service free barrings

* 1000ltr heavy duty watertank

*Stainles steel piping 

*Heavy duty frame

*Extra wide wheels

*Superior adjustable knive blade 

*Rear press plate

*1 connection to tractor

*Perfectly balanced

*Width 2.50mtr

Different sizes are optional & available in colors blue and green.  

Groundmaster Arena drags
LL Arena drag Blue (price is excl. vat)


LL Arena drag Green (price is excl. vat)