BSC Gastro


  • Advanced supplement for gastric comfort
  • Long term, effective support that does not compromise digestion
  • Also supports the hindgut
  • Highly palatable
  • Feeding rate can be adjusted
  • Suitable for youngstock and weanlings
  • Suitable for competition under all rules including FEI and BHA.

BSC Gastro is an advanced gastric supplement for horses. A highly concentrated blend of natural extracts. Provides long term support for the stomach that does not compromise digestion.


Palatable liquid supplement to be added to the daily feed or given by oral syringe if necessary.

 3ltr bottle – 40 days for a 500Kg horse


BSC Gastro is an advanced gastric and digestive supplement for horses. A highly concentrated blend of natural plant extracts, BSC Gastro works to support healing and mucous production in the stomach, offering an effective long term solution that does not compromise digestion.

All horses are at risk of gastric stress and discomfort, especially those in competition. Factors including stress, travel, intermittent feeding, stabling and strenuous exercise will all put your horse at greater risk.

BSC Gastro is an innovative supplement from the British Seabuckthorn Company (BSC). Based on their original SeaBuckthorn for horses, BSC Gastro has been boosted with a number of additional plant extracts, carefully selected for their ability to support the stomach lining.

SeaBuckthorn is a natural plant extract which nourishes the stomach and digestive tract to support healing and acid defence. In addition to the original SeaBuckthorn equine supplement, BSC Gastro contains added pulp and seed oils to boost the Omega-7 and Omega-3 content, and leaf extract for added anti-oxidant potency.

BSC Gastro also contains a spectrum of other valuable plant extracts. Liquorice root extract contains a number of active compounds, including glabridol and other flavonoids. Grape seed extract is a source of procyanidins, which are also the major active component in turmeric. Procyanidins on their own are not well absorbed, to improve absorption, BSC Gastro contains black cumin seed oil which is also a source of thymoquinone. Finally BSC include apple fibre, a great source of pectin which has been shown to support a healthy gastric lining in horses subjected to food deprivation.

While BSC Gastro is a targeted gastric supplement, it has the added benefit of providing nutritional support for the hind gut and also acts as a prebiotic, helping to maintain a favourable balance of bacteria in the digestive system.

BSC Gastro is a highly palatable liquid supplement formulated for horses at risk of gastric discomfort. It is best fed every day, but the feeding level can be adjusted to suit requirement and varying management factors such as travel or stabling.

For more information on the original digestive supplement, please visit the BSC SeaBuckthorn page. Some horses can be maintained on the original BSC SeaBuckthorn supplement during problem free times, returning to BSC Gastro during the competition season or when needing to be stabled etc.